Upper Crust Crumbs Dessert Company

Butterbar Flavors Treat yourself, or someone else, to these irresistibly delicious and classic flavor combinations

Triple Chocolate Butterbar

see aboveChocolate, chocolate, and yet more chocolate! Our Triple Chocolate Butterbars are comprised of an incredibly dense chocolate-walnut brownie base, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate buttercream center and smooth chocolate ganache finish. For serious chocoholics only!

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see belowGenerous amounts of sweet butter and brown sugar combine to form the foundation of our sinful Pralines and Cream Butterbars. A smooth vanilla buttercream is tucked between this base and the ultimate Southern delight - a praline topping. We guarantee - y'all be back for more!

Pralines and Cream Butterbar

Chocolate Peanut Butterbar

see aboveOur dense chocolate-walnut brownies are also the base of these luscious Chocolate Peanut Butterbars. An oh-so slightly gooey peanut butter filling is then layered between the brownie and silky chocolate ganache.

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see belowA classic - Lemon Streusel Butterbars - sweet shortbread crust, not too tart/not too sweet lemon filling with a thin baked-on streusel topping for texture. A delightful alternative for even the most loyal of chocolate fans.

Lemon Streusel Butterbar

Chocolate Mint Butterbar

see aboveOnce again, our chocolate-walnut brownies are the base for our sublime Chocolate Mint Butterbars. Both the brownie and the layer of creamy white frosting which tops it are laced with natural peppermint flavor. A blanket of bittersweet chocolate ganache completes this exquisite indulgence.

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see belowOh, for just a bite of cheesecaKe... Our Strawberry Cheesecake Butterbars satisfy without too much guilt. Shortbread base, thick strawberry preserves, and a very healthy layer of incredible cheesecake filling are baked until just barely set - we then add a finale of brown sugar streusel topping - and finish baking to perfection. Ooh-la-la.

Strawberry Cheesecake Butterbar

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see belowEspresso powder and chocolate kiss our newest flavor - Café Mocha Butterbars - with a passion. The base, studded with chocolate chips, and the icing, finished with wild chocolate squiggles, both have a seductive coffee flavor. Taming this wanton delight is a vanilla buttercream center. This is a very sexy Butterbar.

Cafe Mocha Butterbar

Butterbars require refrigeration and are freezer friendly